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Magnetic Patent Hexagon

Arrange them any way you’re inspired. Display US patents to European, WIPO, and Chinese. The list goes on!


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Inventions are frequently the subject of patent applications in several different national or regional patent offices. This is a great way to show off your accomplishments from multiple countries.

Patent Family Plaque

Patent Family Plaque


Assisting Companies to Recognize and Energize Innovation

Firstly, we would like to tell you a little about US Patent Services. To start with, we produce custom patent plaques, patent awards, displays and gifts for organizations. Who want to recognize their creative employees, as well as for individual inventors. The company was founded in 1987 and is a woman-owned small business.

Secondly, we are the award industry’s Innovation Recognition Specialists. With the single-minded goal of helping our customers energize their creativity.

Finally, we offer the most preeminent collection of patent plaques, awards, displays and services that are all specifically focused on the human component of innovation. Since, we have a fundamental human need to feel valued, to feel appreciated and to feel like what we do matters. Appreciation = Motivation


First and foremost, if you’re an organization that’s pursuing innovation, you know the critical importance of energizing the creativity of your employees. If you’re an inventor, you know the challenges of creating something that’s truly new.

Secondly, recognition is needed to reward inventors for their unique contributions. Providing special products as an essential component of such recognition is what we do. Please watch this video to learn more about us.

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Explore our Plaques & Awards

Patent Wall Plaques

 Our original innovator award is the finest-quality wall plaque available. It comes in multiple formats, sizes, woods, and plates.




Trade Secret Awards

Trade secrets can be as valuable as a patent so they should be celebrated equally with a high‐quality wall plaque or desk sculpture.




Trademark Plaques

Celebrate your Trademark with our line of Trademark plaques. These are constructed with the same top‐quality components as our original patent wall plaques.





International Plaques

Awards for global patent innovators that celebrate patents issued form any country throughout the world.




Framed Patent Displays

Celebrate your patent with one of our Framed Patent Displays. From certificates and display cases to our premier dual pages, there is something for everyone.



Desktop Awards

Desktop awards are unique and specialized items. They are excellent for open space engineering departments where work cubicles prevail.


Marquis Value Plaques

These economical wall plaques have less options in terms of formats, woods and plates but the same quality as our original
patent wall plaques.





Gifts for Innovators

Inventive and fun gifts for inventors.






Custom Designs

Uniquely recognize the creativity of your employees with one‐of‐a‐kind and memorable items designed just for them.



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