Guide to Recognition Programs

What are the key objectives of employee recognition programs?

  • Acknowledgment of special efforts, commitments and achievements from valued employees
  • Enhance moral, motivate performance, celebrate initiative
  • Generate goodwill for extremely modest costs
  • Establish desired actions, behaviors, accomplishments
  • Establish a link between innovation and corporate strategy

U.S. Patent Services will guide you in establishing objectives with a custom-designed program tailored to fit your company.

How do employee recognition programs benefit the company?

  • Communication of strategic innovation goals
  • Sustains and direct continuous innovation efforts
  • Reinforces organizational values and culture
  • Enhances recruitment of desired applicants
  • Improves retention of key employees
  • Acknowledges noteworthy achievements
  • Builds mutual relationships and commitments
  • Enhances self-worth and self-confidence

U.S. Patent Services guides you in realizing the cost-effective benefits of a recognition program that builds strong relationships.

How will recognition programs benefit employees?

In studies by the established firm of Kuczmarski & Associates, four key motivators are most valued by people seeking careers in innovation:

  • A sense of pride and personal accomplishment
  • Peer recognition
  • Senior management exposure
  • Career advancement

U.S. Patent Services specializes in motivating innovators, inventors and all the support personnel inside innovation.

What are the best practices in employee recognition programs?

  • Upper management support and commitment to innovation
  • Innovation and invention purpose defined for all of company
  • Recognition training for department managers
  • Innovation recognition diagnostic and analysis for benchmark
  • Custom program design to fit corporate culture
  • Awards that embrace artistry, originality, craftsmanship and personalization
  • Recipients are involved in award selection and given choices
  • One-of-kind artistic recognition for leading innovators
  • Create ceremony and publicity when recognizing, special event dedicated to innovators and support personnel

U.S. Patent Services specializes in motivating innovators, inventors and all the support personnel inside innovation.

The most important questions about recognition programs

  • Who will be recognized?
  • What will they be recognized for?
  • What is the best mechanism for delivering recognition?
  • Does it happen automatically or at an event?
  • How will the program be rolled out and communicated?
  • How will the programs effectiveness be measured?
  • What are the budget considerations?

US Patent Services can help you answer these question to design a employee recognition program that runs smoothly and is effective.

What is the most important principle of recognition?

People have dual motivations, that if treated respectfully, will deliver a higher performance employee. Recognition supports and stimulates the type of motivation that drives pride, creation, problem solving and innovation. Its called intrinsic motivation. Its initiative that emanates from self growth and personnel satisfaction. Reward, simply, is an attempt by management to achieve the benefits of recognition with carrots and sticks.

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