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The quality and distinction of our wall patent plaque collection is unmatched. We use only the finest cuts of wood, from around the world, hand sorted for rich grain and character. Each board is precisely tooled, then stained and finished to perfection. All plaques feature extra heavy gauge metal plates for enduring and lasting elegance. Our state of the art imaging processes guarantee razor sharp inscriptions and images. When adorned with our prestige mount, you will not find a finer quality patent plaque.


The perfect display for an individual(s)
and/or companies


Excellent for presenting a special message to an inventor(s) and/or group

Value Series

Our economical plaque series is scaled up in beauty, but scaled down in price

Modern Series

Make a statement with these modern
black glass patent plaques

Laser Etched

We use only the finest select cuts of wood to etch out these one of a kind patent plaques


A great solution for the prolific innovator
*Custom design service available*

Silver Dollar

A long standing tradition between the
assignee and inventor, a single American
dollar transferred all patent rights


Celebrate international patents from
any country in the world

Plaque Accessories

Accessories for your patent plaques

Trademark Plaque


Celebrate the core of corporate branding with our unique series of trademark wall plaques

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