Desktop Awards


Desktop Awards

Desktop awards are unique and specialized items. They are excellent for open space engineering departments where work cubicles prevail. They allow organizations to celebrate achievements in a subtle and focused manner. With an extended range of interesting and creative items, our desktop awards display collection combines the whimsical with the practical to deliver special recognition that will be valued and appreciated.

Desktop Sculptures

Complementing our historic series of patent wall plaques, these freestanding commemorative desktop sculptures offer a preeminent desktop display

Patent Embedments

The most preeminent patent commemorative we offer, these miniature patent embedments showcase the patent within a solid block of clear acrylic

Lightbulb Embedments

Stately and bold, visually impressive and captivating, our embedments capture your innovation within optically pure acrylic


We are proud to offer a unique series
of patented I-Cube awards for Ideas,
Innovation and Inventions. Available in
wood, metal, glass, 3-D images and more

Display Bases

Display your desktop award with one of our many stylish bases. That can be customized with a personalized inventor plate

Custom Embedments

Contact us @ 800-872-4962 and we can assist you. We have designed and personalized many custom embedments for our clients.

Magnetic Patent Hexagons

Get creative and interact with our not too small not too big magnetic patent hexagons. Arrange them any way you’re inspired. SHOWCASE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! You can display US patents to European, WIPO, and Chinese patents.

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