Employee Appreciation Programs

Recognize a Need for Employee Appreciation

Like any other well oiled machine, a successful company works to ensure that each of its parts are working efficiently. But unlike a machine, companies need to not only ensure efficiency, but to take the necessary steps to ensure high company morale. A happy worker is a productive worker and implementing an employee appreciation program can aid in ensuring that your employees feel recognized for their achievements. Starting an employee appreciation program demonstrates to your staff that all of their hard work is valued.

Design Awards and Ceremonies that Suit your Brand

Your brand is unique and stands out for its unparalleled individuality. It is important to create employee recognition awards that measure up to the quality and integrity of your business. Your employees have come to expect a lot from the company they work for, so strive to create awards that exceed their expectations. It is also important that both the awards and accompanying ceremony match the distinctive style of your brand.

Select Award Titles and Recipients

The largest predicament that employers find themselves in when designing their employee appreciation programs is the challenge of creating their award titles and selecting recipients. No one wants to transport their employees back to grade school and create “getting picked last for kickball” syndrome amongst their staff. Thus, it is important to create employee appreciation awards that cover a myriad spectra of employee achievements. It is crucial to give awards for titles like “Highest Sales.” However, titles like “Earliest to Work” and “Office Joker” can aid in including everyone in the excitement of receiving an award.

Host an Enjoyable Awards Ceremony

We know that your employees are fabulous people, but they certainly are not movie stars. They are hard workers who rarely get to enjoy a night of glamor where they are honored for their professional achievements. Thus, planning an employee awards ceremony that is both dazzling and memorable is a fantastic way to thank your staff for all of their hard work and accomplishments. Go the extra mile and plan a formal employee achievement ceremony that they will talk about all year long. Consider non-typical awards that step outside expectation and embrace innovation themselves through uniqueness.

Observe Increased Productivity

After all is said and done and your employee appreciation awards have been dispersed, you will instantly notice an increased output amongst your personnel. This heightened level of productivity will be even more apparent among honorees, which is why it is important to utilize creative award titles in order to maximize the amount of award recipients. These employee awards are comparable to high marks in a scholastic setting; not only do they provide a reward for a job well done, but they give individuals something to work towards.

Build Excitement for Future Awards

Congratulations if you have managed to execute a successful employee appreciation program! However, after all is said and done, it is crucial to keep the excitement going for the next ceremony. There are many creative ways to do this. Consider posting a large wall hanging that keeps track of individuals’ earnings and achievements or implementing a points system that will eventually lead to deciding who receives an award. Consider posting large framed photos of your employees enjoying the ceremony or receiving their awards. Above all else, remember that an employee appreciation program is not only relevant to your company on the night of the awards ceremony. It is relevant in every sale, every transaction or every meeting that your employees take part in. Ensuring high office morale and productivity is an ongoing process, but is rewarding and worthwhile to both your brand and the individuals whom you employ.

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