Laser Etched Solid Wood Cube


IC-M / Maple / 3″x3″x3″ / $75.00
IC-W / Walnut / 3″x3″x3″ / $75.00

Our 3” cubes come in Solid Walnut or Solid Maple.

Personalization includes inventor and/or assignee, patent title and number, issue date and main patent drawings. Up to (4) patents can be displayed.

Plate Layout
– One patent displays 4 images of the same patent & personalization
– Two patents displays 2 images of each patent & personalization
– Three patents display 1 image of each patent & 1 duplicated patent & personalization
– Four patent displays 1 image of each patent & personalization

Optional corporate logos are available. Black logos are offered at no charge & color logos are available for an additional $15 per plaque (color logo not available on reverse images). These will replace the USPTO logo used at the top of the cube. Please upload the logo when you place your order.


Patent Number * 

Separate patents with commas

Personalization (Inventor(s) and/or assignee)


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