John Deere Cube


IC-JD / 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″ / $98 Your Cost with Discount $83.30

Featuring John Deere custom art, displaying your personal patent information.
These personalized metallic satin finish solid walnut cubes are adorned with silver aluminum plates adhered to a highly polished plate, providing a 1/8th inch shiny border, to capture and reflect the light. Make this a patent display cube with superior elegance and distinction.

Personalization includes inventor and/or assignee, patent title and number, issue date and main patent drawings. Up to (4) patents can be displayed.

Plate Layout
– One patent displays 4 images of the same patent & personalization
– Two patents displays 2 images of each patent & personalization
– Three patents display 1 image of each patent & 1 duplicated patent & personalization
– Four patent displays 1 image of each patent & personalization


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