First Centennial Corporate


PL-1-CE/ Corp. Executive 13″x12″/ $160
PL-1-CA/ Corp. Associate 10″x10″ / $130

This special, commemorative patent plaque is reminiscent of historic patent covers from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Embracing Grecian architectural elements. It features an engraving of the old Patent Office building in Washington, with an acanthus leaf border. This enduring engraving of the Patent Office appeared on all patent covers from 1880 through 1926.

Personalization includes inventor(s) and/or assignee. Features main drawing, title, filing & issue dates & beginning claims.

Choose from one of our four inscription plates.

Optional corporate logos are available. Black logos are offered at no charge & color logos are available for an additional $15 per plaque (color logo not available on reverse images). Logo will be placed in lower left corner. Please upload the logo when you place your order.



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