10 Millionth Dual Page Parchment


PS-DP-6W / Walnut Frame/ 20.5″x15″ / $189.00
PS-DP-6B / Black Frame / 20.5″x15″ / $189.00
PS-DP-6E / Espresso Frame White or Cream / 20.5″x15″ / $189.00

Our 10 Millionth Contemporary Parchment series is designed after the new US Patent and Trademark Office cover. The new cover is a modern contemporary look first issued on June 19, 2018 for the 10 Millionth patent. This cover design is the second change in the patent cover design over the last 100 years and is designed to honor the classic elegance of its predecessors.

This frame is formatted with a red ribbon and gold seal in a double matted frame protected by glass.  Features patent cover page and title page.

Optional corporate logos are available. Both black logos and color logos are offered at no charge. Logo will be placed in lower right corner of title page. Please upload the logo when you place your order.



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