Acrylic Contemporary Individual


AC-3-IE/ Executive 10.5″x13″/ $156
AC-3-IA/ Associate 8″x10″ / $136

This clear acrylic plaque is a ideal modern plaque. It features a bevel edge and a highly polished prestige mount to reflect and make your plaque pop!

The contemporary cover design, was adopted by a special committee in 1984 with the goal of modernizing patents. In a departure from traditional ornamental, personalized covers, this simplified design was nonexclusive. Our contemporary patent wall plaque features the exact cover design, enhanced with personalization and details from each patent.

Personalization includes inventor(s) and/or assignee. Features main drawing, title, issue date & beginning claims.

Optional corporate logos are available. Black logos are offered at no charge & color logos are available for an additional $15 per plaque (color logo not available on reverse images). Logo will be placed in lower right corner. Please upload the logo when you place your order.


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